Welcome to the official Bobby Goldsboro website!! This site is devoted to one of the most influential singer/songwriters of our time. Bobby Goldsboro's music, lyrics and performances have reached generations of fans since his start in the mid-sixties. Bobby Goldsboro is a true renaissance man, excelling in the fields of music, art, writing, producing and publishing. This web page is the result of the continued devotion of Bobby's many fans. But let's hear that from the man himself, Bobby Goldsboro!

     "I would like to personally thank all the many fans who have supported me over the years. I especially want to thank John Borucki and Misty Housel Freel for their help and support. I also want to mention Keiki Sato and Tom Damms for their tireless efforts and creative web pages. Their devotion and loyalty, along with so many others convinced me to produce this web site. It will give me a chance to communicate with you and present my art and music. I sincerely hope you enjoy it."      


About Bobby Goldsboro

Bobby Goldsboro's career has been a remarkable evolution. This multi-talented performer started out in the early sixties as a guitarist with the legendary Roy Orbison. During his three years with Orbison he traveled all over the world and even toured with The Beatles.

In 1964 Bobby started his solo career by recording the first of a string of sixteen top-forty hits, "See the Funny Little Clown." He hit the Billboard charts with 29 consecutive singles. One of his first concert bookings had him opening for the Rolling Stones on their first U.S. tour! In fact, Keith Richards credits Bobby with showing him a guitar technique that he later used. Bobby then opened for The Four Seasons on one of his first tours. Bobby also toured and opened for The Beachboys!

More million-selling hits followed, setting the stage for 1968 and the classic, "Honey."

"Honey" was certified gold in only four weeks and was the fastest-selling record in the history of United Artists. "Honey" became the largest-selling record in the world, selling over 5 million copies and topping the mighty, "Hey, Jude" by The Beatles!

"Watching Scotty Grow," written by Bobby's friend, Mac Davis was 1971's No. 1 Soft Rock and Adult Contemporary hit and his recordings of "Little Green Apples" and "With Pen in Hand" have also become classics.

1973 brought Bobby his own nationally syndicated television show, which ran for three successful seasons and became the highest rated variety show in syndication in the '70's. His quick wit made him a much sought-after "regular" on the tv talk show circuit as well. Bobby then formed House of Gold Music, which became one of the most successful music publishing companies in Nashville, publishing such songs as "Wind Beneath My Wings" and "Behind Closed Doors."

Bobby Goldsboro, the songwriter has received twenty-seven B.M.I. awards and his compositions have been recorded by such diverse artists as Aretha Franklin, John Denver, Paul Anka, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Dr. John,  Conway Twitty and Bette Midler. His compositions, "With Pen in Hand" and "Autumn of My Life" are members of B.M.I.'s exclusive "Million-airs Club," which contains only those songs which have been played on the air over one million times! Bobby's classic composition, "Summer, the First Time" was recently voted the greatest summer song ever in England!

In 1973 Bobby performed, "These Are the Best Times" for the Disney movie, "Super Dad" which starred Kurt Russell.

In 1976 Bobby wrote and performed the song, "For a Little While" for Burt Reynold's movie, "Gator."

In the mid-eighties Bobby began to devote more time to writing and producing children's stories. His first effort, "Easter Egg Mornin'" premiered as an animated Easter special in 1991 on The Disney Channel. The special quickly reached "gold" status in sales and was The Disney Channel's top Easter special for over a decade!

Bobby now has a dozen videos and ten best-selling children's books on the market, yet he has found the time to show his versatility by writing, orchestrating and performing the music for several best-selling audio books, among them William Peter Blatty's classic, "The Exorcist."

The 1993 television season saw the hit CBS comedy, "Evening Shade" premiere with a new theme song, written and performed by Bobby. The six-time Grammy nominee was pursueded by his long-time friend and the show's star, Burt Reynolds to become the new musical director of the show. Bobby composed new music for the series each week. At the close of the '93 season Bobby was awarded a B.M.I. Songwriter Award and his theme song for "Evening Shade" was voted "Television's Best Theme Song"!

In 1999, Bobby was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. He joined fellow inductees Wilson Pickett and The Temptations for a memorable evening of hits!

Bobby's popularity has spanned several generations because of the kinds of songs he has written and chosen to record. Still, not one to rest on his laurels Bobby decided to undertake  a mammoth new project; a new children's tv series, "The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon." The 52 episode series is carried on PBS, The Learning Channel, America One Network, Dish Network and Sky Angel. Bobby wrote the scripts, wrote and arranged all the music, played all the instruments and even did all the character voices! The show features animal characters with computer controlled mouth movements and that incredible Goldsboro music! Bobby has also produced a live Swamp Critters show that has already played extended engagements at Jazzland Theme Park in New Orleans, Silver Springs Attraction in Florida and the South Florida Fair. 

The energetic dynamo then decided to pursue another lifelong passion; oil painting! Bobby has quickly gained a reputation as a world-class artist. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson now houses one of Bobby's hummingbird paintings. He is being featured in one-man art shows at galleries around the country. His paintings are being purchased by fans and art lovers alike and Bobby and his wife, Dianne regularly donate paintings and giclee prints to charities for fund-raisers. A recent charity auction in Naples, Florida brought $25,000 for one of Bobby's paintings.

For the last fifteen years Bobby and Dianne have traveled to their favorite spot, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "It's a thrill to sing in front of 20,000 people," says Bobby, "but it doesn't compare with sitting in the middle of 200 bison in Jackson Hole!" Bobby has studied, photographed and painted the amazing wildlife found there. He has been up-close and personal with every animal he has painted. His knowledge of the fur, eye color and expressions are evident in the detail of his art work. Bobby is now considered to be one of the premier wildlife artists in America. (Click below to see Bobby's "Jackson Hole Collection.")


Bobby is still an in-demand and popular concert performer and he still enjoys entertaining his many fans. From opera houses in Italy and France to Carnegie Hall in New York City, Bobby has played them all. As Chip Ballard wrote in the Herald-Advocate, "In a business notorious for chewing up its greatest heroes, Bobby Goldsboro has come through unscathed, as healthy and wholesome as the clean-cut country boy he was in the halcyon days of rock and roll. Like fine wine, Bobby has improved with age. And, the best of Bobby Goldsboro may be yet to come!"


The Gateway Bank of Central Florida in Ocala recently announced a major purchase of twenty-eight pieces of art from "The Bobby Goldsboro Collection." Bobby's art will permanently grace the walls of the two-story, 17,000 square foot "Tara" style facility. And, Bobby's painting, "The Gathering" was chosen for the cover of the popular coffee table book, "Ocala, a Portrait of Life."

The new Gateway Bank in Gainesville, Florida has just purchased 23 giclee prints from "The Bobby Goldsboro Collection." The Gateway Banks of Central Florida now own the largest collection of Bobby Goldsboro art anywhere!

The Art of Bobby Goldsboro is proud to announce new, long-term associations with the following galleries:

West Lives On Contemporary Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY

West Lives On Traditional Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY

East West Fine Art 2425 Tamiami Trail in Naples, FL

East West Fine Art (The Mercato) 9115 Strada Place in Naples, FL


January 2018    The Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom in Nashville, TN has opened. Stevens commissioned Bobby to create an 8 foot x 4 foot oil painting of Ray on stage. The painting, (pictured below) now hangs in the main entrance of the state-of-the-art CabaRay Showroom. Bobby was at the recent VIP Special Grand Opening of the theater and says there's nothing like it in Nashville! Get your tickets for the Ray Stevens Show and see Bobby's incredible oil painting, "Ray Stevens...Way Out There!"


                                  Goldsboro painting sells for $25,000!

"Reborn," (pictured below) an oil painting by Bobby Goldsboro sold at the Celebrity Martini Glass Auction for $25,000 February 8th in Naples, Florida. The painting was commissioned by Brenda Melton, founder of the CMGA. The event raised more than $500,000 for PAWS, which provides service dogs for veterans who have lost limbs in battle. Bobby explained his inspiration behind the painting:

"The flowers are being reborn as butterflies, representing the veterans who receive the service dogs. They are, in a sense being reborn because they are starting a whole new life, thanks to these amazing animals. There are seven distinct butterflies, representing the seven veterans receiving dogs in 2015. The other butterflies being formed represent the future veterans who will be receiving dogs." 

                 Great cause, great painting!




                   Goldsboro painting brings in $16,000!

Bobby Goldsboro's beautiful oil painting, "Tangerine Sky" (pictured below) brought in a whopping $16,000 for the Neighborhood Health Clinic auction on February 15th in Naples, Florida! Bobby and Dianne attended the event.

Bobby recently designed and painted a martini glass (below) for the Celebrity Martini Glass Auction in Naples, Florida. The glass sold at auction for $14,000!


The Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park now houses two of Bobby's magnificent oil paintings. A beloved donor to the park commissioned Bobby for the work. The first painting is of Maximus, the beloved little black bear who was found by wildlife officers, abandoned by his mother. Max is being rehabilitated at the park, where he is drawing huge crowds. The second painting is of Lu, the Hippo. Lu is celebrating his 50th year as the icon of the park. The paintings (seen below) will hang in the main entrance to the park which annually draws over 300,000 tourists!



Bobby recently appeared at the annual Fur Ball at the Golden Ocala Country Club in Ocala, Florida to raise money for rescued animals. His framed print (below) of "Tundra," a wolf sold for $5,000 at auction, a new record for the event.

NEW!! One-Hour interview with Bobby! Just click the link below and then click on Bobby Goldsboro.


Bobby recently recorded a public service announcement for the Code 3 for a Cure Foundation. This is an incredible organization that honors firefighters who have lost their lives to cancer and brings awareness about the prevalence of firefighting related cancers. To learn more click on the links below:




                  Fan Page Q & A

What has Bobby been up to lately?

For two seasons, Bobby was the sole music provider (writer, producer and performer) on his buddy, Burt Reynold's T.V. series, "Evening Shade." Bobby wrote and performed every piece of music on the show including the theme song. His music won Bobby a B.M.I. Songwriter Award! However, even then Bobby was concentrating his efforts towards his children's stories. And the results have been phenomenal! His first animated story, "Easter Egg Mornin'" has become a staple on the Disney Channel since its debut in 1991. And his animated Halloween story "Lumpkin, the Pumpkin" is fast becoming a classic. Bobby has completed two other animated shows, but he is most proud of his television series, "The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon," which is now seen around the world! And, as if those weren't enough, the multitalented Goldsboro started oil painting and in a short time has become a world-class artist! You can check out all his paintings right here on the official Bobby Goldsboro Website. Take your time and enjoy!

                                                    Television Appearances

Bobby was the special guest recently on his buddy, Ray Stevens' PBS television series, Ray Stevens CabaraRay Nashville. Bobby sang, "Honey" and Stevens joined him with the harmoney on "Little Things," as he had done on the original hit!

Bobby recently filmed a 30-minute infomercial for Time Life. He hosted "Pop Memories of the Sixties" which features "Honey" and "See the Funny Little Clown."

Bobby recently taped a PBS Television special, "Marvin Hamlisch Presents the '70's:The Way We Were." Bobby was joined by his friends, B.J. Thomas, Ray Stevens, Debbie Boone, Three Dog Night, Billy Joe Royal and others!

Are The Swamp Critters on television?

The Swamp Critters have been on PBS and The Learning Channel and are now seen on Dish Network, TBN, Sky Angel and the America One Network.

Where can I obtain a copy of "A Butterfly For Bucky?" (Ronald Lemcke, Nancy Joiner, Linda Baker)
Great News! "A Butterfly For Bucky" is now available on the new digitally-mastered C.D., "Bobby Goldsboro - The Greatest Hits Collection" which is available on this web site!

Two of the most frequently asked questions about the Swamp Critters are, "How do the characters make their mouths move?" and "Are the Swamp Critters animated or real?"
Well Believe it or not, EVERYTHING and we mean EVERYTHING you hear on the show is Bobby Goldsboro... every character, every voice, every instrument in the orchestra, every background singer... EVERYTHING! It is unlikely that anyone in the world is doing anything like this! And, Bobby writes every script and produces every show! "It's the most work I've ever done in my life but it's also the most fun I've ever had," says Bobby. He even helped design a system where he controls all the mouth movements of every character! But Bobby is quick to point out that he has an outstanding cast and crew. "All the characters are actor/musicians in costume," says Bobby. "They're all great people and we have a ball every time we film the show!"

We enjoy the "Swamp Critters" so much. Has Bobby made any CD's of the songs from the show? (Magajr)
Swamp Critters CD's are now available on the web along with other Swamp Critter's products.

How different is writing songs for children than writing the way you used to? (D. Matthews)
"I really don't write any differently for children than I do for adults. If you watch the show I think you'll find that, except for using the word "critters" instead of "people" everything else is pretty much the same. I do ballads, blues, country, rock and roll... pretty much what I've always done. I don't think you have to talk down to kids or talk "baby talk" to them. We've received lots of mail from parents who tell us that even their one and two-year olds are dancing to the music. And, when parents tell me that their children are learning good values and morals from our show, that tells me we're doing something right."

Bobby, any chance of you coming down to Australia? (Dona J. Hartwich)
"One of the few places I've never been is Australia. I had three different tours postponed back in the seventies because of commitments to my television series. Many of my friends have been there and loved it. I'd love to go to Australia some day, if not to perform then at least to visit.

I really liked the "Best of Bobby Goldsboro" video. Any more coming out? (Ron Lemcke)
Bobby Goldsboro Productions just recently acquired the rights to "The Bobby Goldsboro Show" The "Best of ..." video and DVD is the first release. We've already had inquiries from fans about certain episodes of the series. We hope to eventually offer all the episodes once we have digitally edited them. We'll keep you informed right here on

The Official Bobby Goldsboro Website!