Gallery Representation                                      

The Art of Bobby Goldsboro is now carried by these galleries exclusively: 

West Lives On Traditional Gallery-Jackson Hole, WY

West Lives On Contemporary Gallery-Jackson Hole, WY

East West Fine Art -Mercato-Naples, FLorida

East West Fine Art-Bigham Galleria-Naples, Florida 

Florida-born entertainer, Bobby Goldsboro has performed before more than two billion people in his illustrious four decade career. "The Bobby Goldsboro Show" was television's highest-rated syndicated variety show in the '70s. His recordings of "Watching Scotty Grow," "Little Green Apples" and "With Pen in Hand" have become classics and his signature hit, "Honey" was the largest-selling record in the world in 1968! The five-time Grammy nominee has received countless awards as a composer and a performer, including 8 gold records and 37 BMI songwriter awards. He has sold over 35 million records worldwide.

Now, the multi-talented Goldsboro is focusing on another lifelong passion; oil painting! The self-taught artist began by traveling throughout his home state, bringing to life the serene hammocks and prairies of the ever-changing Florida landscape. He has branched out in every direction with a diverse portfolio that includes butterflies, hummingbirds, The American West and even abstracts. And, he has become one of the nation's leading wildlife artists. Bobby says, "There is too much beauty in the world to stick to just one subject." His startling realism and attention to detail have quickly gained Goldsboro a reputation as a world-class artist. His paintings and prints are being bought by fans and art collectors around the world!

Bobby Goldsboro's music has always touched the emotions. Now, his paintings are doing the same.   




  Click the link below to read Bobby's interview from Ft. Myers Magazine about his art:                                                      

The new Gateway Bank of Central Florida in Ocala has announced a major purchase of twenty-eight pieces of art from "The Bobby Goldsboro Collection." Bobby's art will permanently grace the walls of the two-story, 17,000 square-foot "Tara" style facility.

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson has purchased Bobby's "Endless Buffet" oil painting for their permanent collection.

The Gateway Bank of Gainesville, Florida has purchased twenty-three giclee prints from "The Bobby Goldsboro Collection." The Gateway Banks of Central Florida now own the largest collection of Bobby Goldsboro art anywhere!

The president of Lindenwood University, Dr. James Evans and his wife, Lois recently purchased Bobby's, "Seeking Shelter," a large, panoramic oil painting. The painting now hangs in the home as a gift to the university in St. Charles, Missouri.

Bobby's painting, "The Gathering" was recently selected for the cover of "Ocala, a Portrait of Life", a large, prestigious coffee table book showing the many benefits of living in Marion County Florida. The painting may be seen on Gallery Page 1.


                          Goldsboro painting brings in $16,000!

Bobby Goldsboro's beautiful oil painting, "Tangerine Sky" (pictured below) brought in a whopping $16,000 for the Neighborhood Health Clinic auction on February 15th in Naples, Florida! Bobby attended the event.

Bobby recently designed and painted a martini glass (below) for the Celebrity Martini Glass Auction in Naples, Florida. The glass sold for $14,000 at the auction!