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Joe Racoon DVD____2 Complete 1/2 hour Episodes

Joe Racoon DVD____2 Complete 1/2 hour Episodes
____1. Disco Here, 'Dat Go There____2. Joe Writes a Hit

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"Disco Here, 'Dat Go There"____The Swamp Critters decide to have a dance contest at "Disco Night at Big Al's." When Joe decides to enter everyone laughs because he moves so slowly. But Joe ends up winning the dance contest and teaches everyone a lesson about believing in yourself. Joe says, "a critter can do anything if he just puts his mind to it." "Joe Writes a Hit"____Joe asks every Swamp Critter what their one wish would be. He then writes a hit song about their wishes, embarrassing everyone! Joe's song says, "be careful what you wish, your wish just might come true!"