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Ima Dilla DVD____2 Complete 1/2 hour Episodes

Ima Dilla DVD____2 Complete 1/2 hour Episodes
____1. Where's Ima?____2. The Taffy Pull

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"Where's Ima?"____Ima Dilla overhears Ribbit making fun of her because she is overweight. She decides to stop dancing at Big Al's and leave Lost Lagoon. When Ribbit realizes how he has hurt Ima he goes to apologize to her. He learns an important lesson about making fun of others. He finds that words can hurt as much as actions. "The Taffy Pull"____Ima Dilla has once again entered the yearly taffy contest, which she always wins. But, when she hears that Granny Muskrat, who has never won is entering for the last time, Ima switches the taffy so that Granny can win.