The Swamp Critters' Easter Egg Mornin' - DVD

The Swamp Critters' Easter Egg Mornin' - DVD
Complete 30 Minute Live Action Episode! Not Animation

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The Swamp Critters help "Speedy" Cottontail save Easter! When the hens in Lost Lagoon realize that the Easter Bunny, "Speedy" Cottontail doesn't give them any credit for Easter, they go on strike! Phinneas Phatrat tries to take over for the Easter Bunny and become famous. He soon learns that there is too much work involved and gives up. The Swamp Critters save the day by teaching the hens and "Speedy" Cottontail that it takes everyone working together to make Easter Egg Mornin' a success! This video features original music by Bobby Goldsboro and teaches the value of working together and giving credit where credit is due. 30 minutes